Why I Dropped Out of College


I never thought, for one second, I would be the person to drop out of college. I’ve always valued school, education, and thought that if someone dropped out of school, they were forever doomed to failure and defeat. But it wasn’t long, after reading books, studying successful people who had what I wanted, and analyzing the system, that I decided to go for it, and dropped out of my second semester of sophomore year in college. So why did I really drop out of college? Well, I have a passion, just like everyone in this universe, there’s something inside of us that aches of happiness when we do what we desire. I love fitness, I love the fact that I can take control of my physical state, be healthy, and help others take that control as well. But I also love entrepreneurship, I love the process of creating something out of a simple idea, and bringing it to life. So I thought to myself, will going to college help me in anyway towards achieving my dreams? The answer was a simple no. However, you might be asking, what about the matter of learning and continuing your educational journey? And my answer to that is I am learning more now, than I ever learned in school. How? Well in school, all they taught us was generalized knowledge, something thats good to know, but won’t take us further in our lives or careers. Nonetheless, with self-education, by reading books, studying successful individuals, and having mentors, you learn specified knowledge. What does that mean? Specified knowledge is the ability to apply that knowledge into our lives or careers.

“Knowledge is power”

We all heard that quote and although I do agree in a way, without actually putting that knowledge into action, it is merely something of no value. Furthermore, not only were schools providing us with generalized knowledge, they were also choosing and even requiring those classes for us. How many of us had to take physics even though we were getting a business degree? So yes although it would be good to know physics, how would that in anyway benefit us towards our business education? Our school system is damaged, the more classes they require you to take, the more money they make.

I had a vision, I wanted to create something magnificent out of myself. I was aching from the inside to create a legacy that will last years after I go, providing financial freedom and retirement for my hardworking parents, while following my passion. Even though it was scary, I knew dropping out of college was a move I had to make in favor of becoming something great. I have studied successful people, and majority of them don’t believe in school. Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, Napoleon Hill, Henry Ford, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, and the list could go on. So do you follow the successes, or do you listen to society, your parents, or your teachers? The answer was loud and clear, if you wanted to be like the 1%, you had to do what the 99% didn’t. So the societal notion that we all must get our four year degree, muscle through the system, and rise to the top working hard for someone else’s dream while we steadfastly pay off the debt we entered into to create this cycle for ourselves, was pretty contrary.

I have never felt better than how I feel right now, I am in control of everything that goes on in my life, from a financial stand point, to spiritual, physical, and mental. Without dropping out of school, quitting my job, and working on developing and investing in myself, I would not be the person I am today. I would be stuck in the realm of going to school, going to my $9 per hour job, and never gaining value from my day to day life. However, after burning down all my bridges, I have no other option but to succeed, to truly make it in life, and to live up to my highest potential.

The Bottom Line

Society has set a path for us: go to school, get a degree, get a job to pay off your debt, and hope to retire at 65.

The school system is broken.

You can build an empire following your dreams and passions.

Follow those who have what you want.

Work your ass off.

Stay consistent and never give up.

You will succeed.