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Why I Dropped Out of College

  I never thought, for one second, I would be the person to drop out of college. I’ve always valued school, education, and thought that if someone dropped out of school, they were forever doomed to failure and defeat. But it wasn’t long, after reading books, studying successful people who had what I wanted, and analyzing […]

The Language of The Poor

What if? In my study of the most successful people, I have constructed that there is one common thing that stands out between the rich and the poor, the successes and the failures, the dreamers and the achievers. Risk, it could motivate you to achieve greatness, or it could cripple you back to mediocrity. I have found that […]

The Story of MyUnsettledLife

  You might be asking, why MyUnsettledLife? and the story behind the name is actually quite funny, we were driving on the highway, my girlfriend and I, thinking of what I could possibly name my blog, and bam the idea popped in my girlfriend’s head, “MyUnsettledLife!” she yelled. At first glance I wasn’t so sure […]