The Language of The Poor

What if?

In my study of the most successful people, I have constructed that there is one common thing that stands out between the rich and the poor, the successes and the failures, the dreamers and the achievers. Risk, it could motivate you to achieve greatness, or it could cripple you back to mediocrity. I have found that those who become more successful than the rest, never fear the risks, the “what ifs”, and instead create a fire from within that drives them even further.



The “special” among us, however, always seem to value the reward more than they value risk. They embrace failure and hardship because they understand that in order to create something genius, and attain their ultimate success, they need to overcome the bumps along the road. The pathway to success is not one of ease and simplicity, but one of hindrance and strain. However, there are those of a timid approach, filled with caution, that would prefer one of ease and contentment, rather than taking the risk. “What if this happens?” “What if I fail?” “What if I lose all my money?” Those questions, doubts, and fears cripple them to never take action, and live a life of mediocrity. That is the language of the poor, its so strong, it hinders their growth and development in their lives and careers, because without change and expansion, we are utterly existing rather than truly living.

But what if…

So does taking the easy path insure you security, financial stability, or happiness?

But what if I told you, it is all risky? Would you still take the easy way out? Of course not, and many of us don’t realize that there is no secure way of living. The fact of the matter is, you could get laid off from your job, or simply get your pay cut, is that secure enough when you get your bills handed to ya?

“Life is so risky, you will not get out alive” -Jim Rohn

So you ask, “but why should I?” and the answer to this question is very simple, why not? why not see how many books you could read, how much money you could make, how many lives you could impact, why not? Sure, risking everything for a dream or an idea can be very scary, but it could also be very rewarding. The reward could be so high, that it could buy you freedom, financial stability, and precious time to spend with your loved ones.

To conclude this,

I like to refer back to us when we were babies, unable to stand, walk, run, or ride a bike. Now did we take the risk of falling and getting hurt in order to stand up or walk? Sure thing, and we fell. We fell multiple times, but it was the hunger within us, that kept us persistent until we were finally able to run free. So what makes you fear risks now? I truly believe it was the environment around us that transformed our thought and ambition from taking risks and chasing dreams, to settling and pursuing security.

“The poor pessimist leads an ugly life”

Which one will you choose to be? Which life will you choose to live? One of adventure and risk, or one of ease and security?

I hope you chose one of adventure and risk, one that chases dreams and achieves them, filled with ambition and hunger, to become the best version of yourself, mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually.